Sapna Vyas Patel Pictures who drives the Internet Crazy



Sapna Vyas Patel is a well know fitness enthusiast and Reebok certified fitness professional. She is the daughter of Gujrat’s former health minister Mr. Jaynarayan Vyas.

Sapna has one million followers on Instagram and reason to follow her is inspirational story. At once she weighed around 86 KGs, faced lot of taunts and body-shaming which motivated her to get into toned shape and since that day she did not look back and lost 33 KGs in one year.

Strict diet plans followed by regular exercise carved her from fat to fab which made her internet sensation.She keeps her Instagram account updated by sharing her snaps.

Sapna also manages a YouTube channel where she keeps on sharing valuable fitness tips to her subscribers.

Today she looks so much excited, full of life and trust me if she entered in Bollywood then other actresses will run out for a role in the movie.


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